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14 Únor 2014
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Nominations closing soon for Global Edtech Startup Awards

17 dubna 2014

The deadline of the Global EdTech Startups Awards has been extended to August 1!

The competition puts the spotlight on the world’s most promising EdTech startups in 2014, with the goal of catalyzing those that have the potential to produce groundbreaking learning solutions.


The Global EdTech Startups Awards gives voice and space to the exciting growing trends in innovation and investments in EdTech currently arising in different parts of the world.




How the competition works


  • During this first stage of the competition, anyone – founder, investor, or user – can nominate a startup. They can also contribute their comments, Tweets, and Facebook likes.
  • Next, representatives from each world region will select their top 10 most promising startups from the nominations.
  • A panel of professionals will choose 10 finalists.
  • The 10 finalists will be promoted online and three winners will be selected: two selected by a panel of judges and one by audience popularity.




The three winners will be granted free acceptance to three world-class EdTech ecosystems in Tel Aviv, New York and London. They will spend a total of four months at the following EdTech accelerators: EdTech Incubator (London), Socratic Labs (New York), and MindCET (Tel Aviv and Yeruham). At each one, they’ll have access to office space and facilities, mentoring, and guidance.


Get involved


The competition is joint initiative of MindCET, Socratic Labs, P.A.U. Education and EdTech Incubator. To find out more about the eligibility requirements and to apply, please visit the competition website



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Over 600 educators and entrepreneurs submitted proposals to the Open Education Challenge

25 Březen 2014

The call for applications to the Open Education Challenge closed on March 21, resulting in a grand total of 611 submissions from 74 countries worldwide. This response represents a wellspring of innovative technologies and practices for opening up education. 

Map of OEC applicants

A summary of the location of applicants


The Open Education Challenge had its inaugural launch on 22 January, 2014. The first phase of the Challenge was the call for applications, open to anyone from any country to submit a business idea “with the potential to transform education.”


Results are promising for the education sector


The response to the call for applications shows that there is strong interest in bringing new technologies and approaches into the field of education. Pierre-Antoine Ullmo, founder of the Open Education Challenge, wrote in his latest blog post:


“In less than two months, 500 applications have been submitted. This is new evidence of the changes taking place in education worldwide: each proposal we receive is a proxy for new contents and teaching practices, innovative devices, technological assessment tools… And a promise to give users the opportunity to learn what, where and when they want.”


Key concepts that the trailblazers are talking about


Certain key concepts were clearly present in the pool of applications. This table shows which keywords were used the most often, and how many times each one appeared.

































Phase 2 starts now


The next phase of the Challenge is to evaluate the proposals and create a shortlist for the next round of evaluation. More information about the results of the call for applications is available on the Open Education Challenge blog. Eventually only 10 of the proposals will be selected to join the European Incubator for Innovation in Education, which offers seed capital of up to 20 000 Euros and mentorship from top experts in education, entrepreneurship, and technology. 



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The Entrepreneurial School

25 Březen 2014

The Entrepreneurial School is one of the largest entrepreneurship education initiatives in Europe. At its core, is a virtual guide to entrepreneurial learning.

The target group is teachers in primary, secondary and vocational schools.


The Entrepreneurial School will train 4000 teachers in the next 3 years. Entrepreneurial learning can be applied in any subject area and for any age group. The guide will contain 75-100 entrepreneurial tools and methods organised in 35 teacher-friendly packages. A quality framework and assessment tool for schools will be included in the guide. Best practices will be gathered, adapted and new innovations will be put forward. 


There are five key areas that the project addresses:


  • Teachers' continuing professional development and training
  • Establishing quality supporting frameworks to measure best practice and to evaluate impact
  • Development of appropriate support structures and activities
  • Establishing networks between best practices
  • It will focus on the initial education of teachers and the integration in the curriculum


8 National Focus Groups and 80 schools participate in developing the guide and all the proposed models will be tested in schools in several countries and adjusted to national school curricula. 18 countries in Europe will be the first beneficiaries of the guide and teacher training scheme.


The Entrepreneurial School won co-funding from the European Community, Competitiveness and Innovation Programme (CIP).

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19 Březen 2014
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Application deadline extended to March 21!

14 Březen 2014
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What if your boss was also your professor?

07 Březen 2014
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89 applications received so far - who are they?

21 Únor 2014
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Fresh from college, Michael Willmott built a new collaborative platform for universities

17 Únor 2014
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