Disruptive Pedagogies and Technologies in Universities

21 January 2013
Disruptive Pedagogies and Technologies in Universities

This article by Terry Anderson and Rory McGreal was published on the online journal Educational Technology & Society, volume 15, issue 4, in 2012.

This paper is a reaction to the increasing high cost of higher education and the resulting inaccessibility for the millions of potential learners now seeking opportunities for quality higher education opportunities. The paper examines the cost centers associated with campus-based and online education systems and then suggests that disaggregation may prove to be a cost-effective way to reduce tuition payments, while maintaining quality. The paper suggests that discount service models, now available to consumers in many industries may also be attractive in new models of higher education. The paper also briefly looks at the Open Educational Resources University initiative, a pilot, collaborative project attempting to test some of these innovations in a consortium of high quality, accredited public universities. Finally, we note both the disruptive characteristics of this model and commiserate opportunities for innovative providers of higher education.

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 21 January 2013
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Higher Education
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