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14 February 2014
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The Open Education Challenge announces nine winning edtech startups

17 July 2014

After a final pitch competition, the Open Education Challenge has announced nine winning edtech startups. The award consists of an invitation to join the inaugural European Incubator for Innovation in Education. 

The Open Education Challenge set out to identify the top education startups and provide them with the support and funding necessary to make a significant impact in the education sphere, particularly in Europe. From the over 600 applications received, the panel of evaluators painstakingly narrowed the field down to 20 finalists. Eighteen teams made it to Barcelona for the Finalists’ Workshop, where they pitched their projects to a European Jury chaired by Lord David Puttnam.


“Entrepreneurship has a very real role in education”, said Lord Puttnam. “What is challenging is ensuring that the ethos of education - the values of education, the things that actually make education different from commerce - are protected and preserved, at the same time as using the many things the commercial world can teach us in terms of moving ahead, advancing, and using technology intelligently and well.”


The Jury selected nine teams to participate in the European Incubator for Innovation in Education, which starts in September 2014 and offers the following benefits:


  • up to 20,000€ of initial seed funding and access to the Open Education Investment Club
  • a blended incubation programme consisting of personalized online coaching and mentoring as well as group training sessions taking place in four of Europe’s innovation hubs: London, Paris, Berlin, and Helsinki
  • the support of Europe’s top experts in education, technology and entrepreneurship

The winning teams



More information about the Open Education Challenge and the winning projects can be found in the Press Release and on the OEC Blog

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Social Entrepreneurship (2nd ed)

16 July 2014

In this course you will learn how to create societal impact through Social Entrepreneurship (S-ENT). S-ENT describes the discovery and sustainable exploitation of opportunities to create social change. The course introduces you to practical S-ENT examples as well as the foundational literature.

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The final day of the OEC Finalists' Workshop

16 July 2014
Open Education Challenge entrepreneurship Social Entrepreneurship competition

The final day of the OEC Finalists' Workshop

16 July 2014
Open Education Challenge entrepreneurship Social Entrepreneurship competition

Day 2 of the OEC Finalist Workshop

15 July 2014
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The OEC Finalists' Workshop has begun!

14 July 2014
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Employment toolkit

26 June 2014

European society is moving towards a knowledge-based economy. This is not only a goal of the Lisbon agenda but a reality confirmed by CEDEFOP in its study on the level of qualifications required for European workers (cited in “New Skills for New Jobs” EC Communication, 2008).

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Announcing the finalists of the Open Education Challenge

26 June 2014
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Round 2 of the Europeana Creative challenge has started!

25 June 2014

The second round of Europeana Creative is now open for creative developers, designers, start-ups and other entrepreneurs to re-use Europe’s digitised cultural heritage from Europeana in innovative and creative ways!

The challenge is to make creative use of digitized European cultural heritage from Europeana in an application. The top ideas will get personalised incubation support to help bring the idea to the market.
The incubation package includes: 
  • business mentoring
  • technical support
  • assistance with identifying and accessing finance
  • facilitation of business partnerships
  • access to specialised testing environments
  • marketing and promotion support
The themes of this round are Tourism and Social Networks. To get some ideas and inspriation for what applications in these sectors using Europeana content might look like, take a look at the Pilot Applications that the Europeana Creative team has developed. 
Apply online before the deadline of August 28th 2014 at 16h CET. The best applications will be invited to pitch their concept at the Open Innovation Challenges event in Barcelona on the 23rd of September 2014, where the winners will be chosen. 
Meet the winners from the first round of challenges, on the themes of Natural History Education and History Education, in the Europeana Creative blog. 
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