Education Today 2013. The OECD Perspective

20 December 2012

Organised into eight chapters, this report examines early childhood education, schooling, transitions beyond initial education, higher education, adult learning, outcomes and returns, equity, and innovation. The chapters are structured around key findings and policy directions emerging from recent OECD educational analyses. Each entry highlights the main message in a concise and accessible way, with a brief explanation and reference to the original OECD source.

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The New Learning and Technology Architecture. Ten trends from leading companies

11 December 2012

As part of the research for the Report, Kineo conducted over 30 interviews and meetings with leading companies, including Aviva, BT, BP and Vodafone, in order to explore the trends and challenges being faced by L&D departments, and how they were dealing with them. 10 key trends emerged from this research, and these are explored in the report which opens with a foreword from e-learning guru, Clive Shepherd, and ends with a 2013 e-learning to-do list based on the Report's findings.

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CSERC'13 Computer Science Education Research Conference

20 November 2012

The Computer Science Education Research Conference (CSERC) is an international forum for researchers with interests in all aspects of computer science education. It embraces a broad view of current and future trends in computer science education and aspires to be a lively environment for presenting the latest research results. CSERC considers full papers for presentation at the conference.

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J Boye Aarhus 2012 Web and Intranet Conference on Higher Education

07 November 2012

J. Boye Conferences are all about by combining presentations, demos, intense discussions with ample opportunity to have real conversations with smart people in a social, informal campus-style atmosphere.


This year's higher education track is intended as a complete 1-day conference in itself, covering the key challenges facing higher education web professionals while enabling participants to network with peers from around the world.

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Expert Meeting in Education Networking 2012

18 October 2012

Experts Meeting in Education Networking is an annual event organised by European Schoolnet.

A key part of European Schoolnet’s mission is to work with its 30 supporting Ministries of Education in order to assist them with developing and taking forward reform processes in compulsory and upper secondary education.

EMINENT 2012 will take place in Genoa on 14 and 15 November 2012.


The idea is to explore how current trends in education and potential scenarios for the future classroom are likely to impact on the educational reform process. This year’s conference will particularly reference and draw on:


  • The findings of the ‘Survey of Schools: ICT and Education’, a major benchmarking study of the use of ICT in schools in 31 countries funded by the European Commission, and the first Europe-wide survey of schools’ ICT for six years, following Europe 2020 and EU2005 surveys.
  • Emerging results from the €9.45 million iTEC project that is developing future classroom scenarios and evaluating these in >1,000 classrooms in 15 countries, the largest pan-European validation yet undertaken.


Please register until October, 19th.

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Digital Learning Congress

02 October 2012

The Digital Learning Congress is a unique business event whose aim is to demonstrate the latest trends and solutions in the area of conveying and managing digital knowledge in a company

Top-class experts from European countries will present practical applications of touch technologies, interactive mobile devices, extended reality, gamification and social media in personnel training.


By taking part in the event, you will be able to find out the results of implementing Knowledge Pills Methodology in companies, and of e-teaching of scattered teams (on the basis of the Collective Blended Learning Methodology).


Who is it for?

The Congress is directed towards experts and practitioners representing business organisations, in particular towards:

  • Human resources, sales and marketing managers
  • Employees of human resources departments
  • Business trainers
  • e-learning and mobile learning specialists
  • Training firms
  • and people for whom it is important to have knowledge about the education for the business market and new trends in that field.
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e-Learning Expo 2012

28 September 2012

The only expo, specialised in e-learning, in Greece is going to take place, for the fourth year, in Eugenides Foundation on 6th & 7th of October. It offers to the attendants the unique possibility  to meet the potentials and the trends of e-learning.

The expo will include presentations of current and future technological solutions, open discussions, trials of educational software, expositions of e-learning approaches, educational games and electronic learning equipment


Exhibitors will include companies from industries such as, ΙΤ, e-learning, education, edition e.t.c. and will offer to the visitors new technological solutions, which keep up with the contemporary needs of the e-learning market.


The expo participants- parents, teachers, students, training consultants,human resource executives, developers and other stakeholders -reach every year  3000 to 4000 persons. They have the opportunity to meet  the major topics and the new trends of technologically supported education and training, to get to know how they could use it for their own benefit in their organisation and to share expertise, with peers

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i-KNOW 2012 - International Conference on Knowledge Management and Knowledge Technologies

01 August 2012

As in previous years i-KNOW will offer its participants a unique platform either to present latest and leading edge developments or to catch up with the developments of most innovative IT technologies, content applications, knowledge management trends and emerging market opportunities.

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Teaching Trends - Der Kongress

01 August 2012

Der Einsatz digitaler Lerntechnologien hat an Hochschulen einen anerkannten und hohen Stellenwert. Um einen Überblick über aktuelle und zukünftige Trends aus den Bereichen „neue Medien“ und „E-Learning“ zu bieten, lädt der ELAN e.V. zum Kongress „teaching trends“ am 27.9. und 28.9.2012 an der Universität Osnabrück ein.

Thematische Schwerpunkte sind:

  • E-Prüfungen/E-Assessment (prüfen, üben, sich selbst einschätzen mittels digitaler Systeme)
  • Videobasierte Lehre (Produktion und Distribution von Lehrveranstaltungsaufzeichnungen)
  • Mobile Szenarien (Lehren und Lernen unterwegs)
  • Lehre im Web 2.0 (Kommunikation und Interaktion in Communities)
  • Technologiegestütztes Studieren (Erfahrungen und Erwartungen der Studierenden)
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IMHE General Conference 2012. Attaining and Sustaining Mass Higher Education

27 July 2012

The goal of the Conference will be to identify longer-term trends and will include analyses of national and institutional policies, case studies and the latest research from the OECD and elsewhere.

The 2012 Conference will focus on Attaining and Sustaining Mass Higher Education. Around the world, mass higher education is either an aspiration or a reality. Yet this has thrown up many new issues and challenges for countries, including how to manage access, quality and accountability, funding and financing, institutional diversity, internationalisation, technology and the academic workforce.

The goal of the Conference is to identify longer-term trends and will include analyses of national and institutional policies, case studies and the latest research from the OECD and elsewhere. The Conference will bring together many different perspectives and look at the issues at the international, national, institutional, or sub-institutional level. Participants will be able to:

  • Listen to thought leaders and hear how the world is changing and what to do about it
  • Network, swap notes, make new connections, share experience and challenges with others and pick up fresh ideas
  • Ask an OECD expert to explain their work

Different choices are being made about a wide range of issues, such as selectivity, regulation and quality assurance, system diversity, public/private investment, and combinations of education and research.

In much of the developed world, sustaining public funding for the mass higher education system and replacing an ageing academic population are reaching a critical point. At the very same time, investments in research and education are booming in many rapidly growing economies, notably in Asia. However, even for these countries, as for much of the rest of the developing world, major questions loom about quality, accessibility and retaining academic capital.

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