OCTEL Open Course in Technology Enhanced Learning

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This is an online course to help you understand better how to use technology to enhance your teaching practice. The course is aimed primarily at people teaching at Higher Education level, whether in Higher Education Institutions or Further Education Colleges. The course is now over, but the materials will remain available for the next few months.

Higher Education teaching is increasingly using technology to improve the quality and extend the reach of learning. Examples of this can be seen in:
  • - the growth of distance learning
  • - emergence of free and open access to learning materials from the Open University and MIT to Khan Academy
  • - learning via simulations, as for example when dentistry students practise drilling skills with ‘virtual’ teeth
  • - mobile and location-aware learning delivery, providing know-how at exactly the time and place it is needed
  • Poor use of technology is a significant waster of time and money in the public sector. UK Higher Education is not exempt from this problem. This course will help those planning and delivering teaching in HE to make the best use of technology in their work and avoid pitfalls and hiccups.
The course materials are a mix of a small amount of original material, a wider range of other materials to be found on the open web, plus major emphasis on work that course participants themselves produce, share and discuss. Learners are encouraged to remix this massive array of material to suit their own goals (they are not expected to digest the full array). There is an emphasis on peer learning and peer support — though tutors are also available.


  • Class plans
  • Exercises
  • Forum
  • Lecture notes
  • Readings
  • Video lectures
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