Europortfolio: Call for a European Consortium

20 January 2012
Europortfolio: Call for a European Consortium

The worldwide emergence of the ePortfolio is transforming our current views on learning technologies. For the first time in the relatively short history of learning technologies we are seeing the rise of a new generation of tools dedicated to valuing and celebrating the achievements of the individual, from nursery school to lifelong and life wide learning, a technology providing a key link for individual, organisational as well as community learning (e.g. communities of practice, learning regions and cities). While some countries and regions are already providing the infrastructure required to offer ePortfolio access to all citizens, other regions and countries are considering it, and others have yet to discover its possibilities.


Europortfolio are looking for partners to submit a proposal to the European Commission. Posible funding is 150.000€ per year, with a maximum of 3 years. Deadline for the submission of proposals is 1 March 2012.


Despite success recorded in the development of ePortfolio initiatives in Europe and beyond, the growth of ePortfolio is still extremely patchy across institutions, regions and sectors. This is the consequence of a lack of leadership resulting in the fragmentation of initiatives, information, technologies and actors.


Leadership: despite the efforts made by a number of actors, including those who have succeeded in making Europe a worldwide ePortfolio actor, this initial leadership has not yet been translated into a shared European ePortfolio vision, practice and infrastructure.


Fragmentation of initiatives: most initiatives occur at individual, local and organisational levels, few at regional, national and international levels (e.g. European Language Portfolio). This fragmentation, which sometimes mirrors that of political structures (municipality/district/region/nation), institutions and sectors, is detrimental to the emergence of a an ePortfolio ecosystem working across space, time and institutions.


Fragmentation of technologies: despite efforts on interoperability (e.g. IMS and LEAP 2A standards) ePortfolios are not interoperable across ePortfolio platforms and main stream information systems in education, human resource development and employment.


Fragmentation of actors: distance, language and cultural barriers affect the ability to share information and build shared knowledge within and across sectors and frontiers. The results of interesting experiences, both successful, as well as failed, are not easily accessible to those planning or making decisions in relation to ePortfolio policy/technology implementation.


Fragmentation of information: despite the efforts of a number of actors, there is no single centralised point from which it is possible to find all relevant information on ePortfolios initiatives, technologies, practice and actors.


In order to address those issues, we are working on building a consortium to submit a proposal to the European Commission. Posible funding (link) is 150.000€ per year, with a maximum of 3 years. Deadline for the submission of proposals is 1 March 2012.


An initial summary of the proposal is accessible at


If you are interested to join as a partner or associated partner, you are invited to provide details using an online form accessible at: Responses will be used to update the Summary and to invite partners to join as Partner or Associate Partner.

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