Experts in education reflect by telling stories

29 November 2011
Experts in education reflect by telling stories

EXPERTS - - is an easy-to-handle weblog area for the exchange of experiences among kindergarten teachers. It is about stories of personally experienced situations with children in the daily life of kindergarten teachers and day mothers of different countries all over Europe.


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         EXPERTS – Experts in education reflect by telling stories 


EXPERTS is not about telling exciting, extraordinary, unpublished stories or big problems or events. We would simply like to invite you to tell “little pieces of working life you have encountered in your daily working routine”, for example something important for you, or a situation which was difficult to handle, a situation where you were lost for words, a touching experience, a certain problem, situation, event or encounter that you would like to share with other colleagues…


The EXPERTS project is co-funded by the European Commission and aims at building up a Europe-wide network for kindergarten teachers and day mothers providing peer support for this group and lifelong learning through personally experienced situations from working life. The project is coordinated by ILI – Innovation in Learning Institute, Germany, with partners in Finland, Italy, Slovenia and Spain. 


Write your story in the EXPERTS Blog!

… read and comment the stories of other Kindergarten teachers and day mothers.


Contribute to the discussion in the EXPERTS Forum!

... read and comment the messages of others, communicate with us and your colleagues in early childhood education about your experiences.





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