Quality Train

30 September 2011
Quality Train

The project was an adaptation of a Quality Concept developed by the ELCL Quality Alliance into the Hungarian education system in collaboration with German, Austrian, Hungarian and Polish experts, on the basis of the current research results. The adaptation of this innovative and effective quality management system in the field of bachelor and CVT was fulfilled successfully, including an e-learning program in order to teach the basic concepts and guidelenes about qulaity assurance in education. This e-learning program is available free of charge on the project website, in English, Polish, German and Hungarian.

The CBT programme “Quality development in vocational education and further training” comprises of 8 chapters and a final quiz. Each chapter comprises one learning unit. A total process time of two hours should be planned for the program. Each chapter comprises an information and question sector. Essential, perhaps unfamiliar terms, can be looked up in a glossary. Information on the level of learning is integrated. When 75% questions in all chapters have been answered correctly, the final quiz is activated. On successful completion of the process, you can print a personalised Certificate. The CBT program is offered online in English, German, Polish and Hungarian. An online registration (right top of website) is essential for this. Personal details are subject to data privacy clauses. The CBT programme is free of charge.


Content of the program


Chapter 1: Basics In this chapter the basics of quality development in schools are introduced. The special role of teachers is the central theme here.


Chapter 2: Framework requirements In this chapter the framework requirements of quality development in schools are introduced. They determine the scope of decision-making and hence influence aim-definition.


Chapter 3-8: Orientation framework and quality sectors In this chapter private language program providers are used as an example to introduce a possible understanding of quality through excerpts. It forms a framework for self-evaluation, individual feedback, and evaluation by others. This refers to a systematised classification in 7 quality sectors, with a total of 32 quality characteristics on approaches for quality in schools and lessons. The language program provider as an example, facilitates an easy initial familiarity with the subject for the pupils.

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