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Online learning in the workplace: a hybrid model of participation in networked, professional learning

31 Décembre 2012

This article by Mary Thorpe and Jean Gordon was published on the Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, 28(8).

The design and conceptualisation of online learning environments for work-related, professional learning was addressed through research with users of an online environment for social workers. The core questions for the research were to identify the nature of participation in the online environment, the relationship between online participation and the offline context, and the implications for conceptualisation of online learning environments to support work-related learning. Key areas of the research literature in technology-enhanced and work related learning are discussed in order to position the study, to inform the research methods used and interpretation of the findings. Online participation needs to be understood as a hybrid concept, in that it is a reflection of offline roles, opportunities and pressures, as well as the usefulness, usability and relevance of what is online. Online participation was diverse, from short browsing for information to more reflective engagement that supported movement across the boundaries between roles and areas of work practice and a focus on practice skills and underlying values. Online sites intended to support work-related learning should start from the perspective of the socio-technical interaction network, with its emphasis on building in the social context at all stages in the life of a site.

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Change in Education - Call for Papers! - ESSIE Annual Convention 2012 - Leuven Belgium

12 Octobre 2011


Official ISBN publication: "ESSIE Annual Convention 2012: Change in Education”.

- 31 January 2012

• Innovation Ecologies and Learning Ecosystems
• Digital Learning Resources and Learning Clouds
• Transformational Educational Leadership
• Alternative and Diversified Learning Spaces
• Shifts in Teaching, Learning and Assessment
• Web 2.0, Wiki and Social Technologies
• Open Access, Resources and Standards
• Internet Security, Privacy and Safety
• Breakthroughs in Learning and Neurosciences


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ESSIE Proceedings and Video Impression available

23 juin 2011

ESSIE´s Annual Assembly 2011 successfully attracted a wide range of participants, from universities, colleges, institutions, professional education, vocational education, primary and secondary education, as well as public and private organisations, networks and multipliers!

This truly expresses the transversal and complementary nature of Systemic Innovation.


ESSIE would like to thank all the Assembly participants, such as the Society members, volunteers, professionals, academics, interestees, invitees and article reviewers, who have all worked so hard to make the Assembly a big success, both in terms of organisation and scientific content!


The ESSIE Annual Assembly always is a definite mark on the calendar. It is an energetic event, providing the stage for many presenters to reflect on their research and practice, as well as on their struggles. The Annual Assembly brings together all distinctive individuals from the ESSIE Society, allowing them to participate in the Mission ESSIE has embarked on.


View the Video Impression and have open access to the proceedings and presentations.