Fri 25th November 2016 - 13:31

Welcome to the new and improved OEE!

The new and improved Open Education Europa is live! We're currently in the 'beta' phase.   What’s new? The revamped layout and structure are just the first of a series of changes to make OEE easier for you to navigate and browse. Make sure you check out our two new sections – Topics and Community. In Topics you can find useful case studies and articles grouped around specific themes such as Gamification or Open Educational Resources (OER). That’s a fast way to find content according to your interests. The Community section is a space where you can start or take part in discussions with other members of the OEE community. This is a great opportunity to exchange ideas, share your opinions and make new contacts.   As part of our ongoing effort to improve the platform, we are open to feedback from the OEE community. We would love to hear your opinion on different aspects of the platform, such as: - site structure - finding the content you’re looking for - topics that you’d like to see covered on OEE - suggestions on how we can improve the platform The relaunch is currently in its beta phase, and we're still making some improvements. Please bear with us as we amend some bits that aren't working fully. If you spot anything 'glitchy' please feel free to let us know in the comments section below. Happy browsing!

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