Thu 9th February 2017 - 09:40

5 of the best MOOC creation sites

Preparing an online course doesn’t have to be difficult, and there are a multitude of sites that aim to make the process easier.


Created by the European Commission, EMMA hosts courses created by European universities. It supports the creation of MOOCs in multiple languages and so encourages cross-cultural learning. As well as the technical aspects, the site is clean and responsive, and overall, a joy to use.

2. Miriada X

Miríada has partnerships with research partners and publishes regularly on its blog. As well as 3 million members, it hosts courses from 95 universities and has over 2,300 professors involved with the creation of its courses. The only drawback is that it only publishes courses from ‘Universia network’ universities. However, if you are a Spanish speaker, this means you can join Spanish-speaking universities from all over the world and increase your MOOCs’ visibility.

3. Google Open Online Education

We can’t create a list of MOOC providers without a nod to this digital giant. With Google’s comprehensive toolkits and guides, Google Open Education Online is useful for hints and tips. Unsurprisingly, it places importance on statistics and learning from uptake rates, and also supports a range of features.

4. Future Learn

Proving that good things don’t have to come in big packages, Future Learn is a small but fast-growing site which hosts MOOCs. Starting off in the UK, it now hosts courses from over 100 universities and specialist organisation from around the world. Learning providers work with Future Learn to create the course content and the team behind the site advises on the learning design.

5. Versal

Versal supports both MOOCs and SPOCs (Small Private Online Courses). It is forward-thinking and has all the modern features you could want from a MOOC site. All these features aren’t cheap, and Versal operates a subscription service. However, it is aimed at institutions or businesses delivering internal training, so it’s perfect if you’re looking for a way to share expertise between teaching staff.

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