Thu 30th January 2014 - 12:30

DIGCOMP: a Framework for Developing and Understanding Digital Competence in Europe

The paper describes the digital competence framework developed by EC JRC IPTS on behalf of DG Education and Culture with the overall aim to contribute to the better understanding and development of digital competence in Europe. 
Digital competence is one of the eight key competences for lifelong learning and is essential for participation in our increasingly digitalised society. It is therefore necessary to understand and define what digital competence is and consists of. The paper discusses various aspects of digital competence firstly differentiating it from other similar or overlapping concepts, then discussing the implication of the historic evolution of the term, finally detailing the digital competence framework in its constituting parts. The proposed digital competence framework consists of 21 competences divided in 5 areas. For each competence three proficiency levels are foreseen. Current and possible applications of the framework are discussed.
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