Thu 26th September 2013 - 12:01

Decentralized badges in educational contexts: the integration of Open Badges in SAPO Campus

In a context where learners are increasingly assuming an active role in the construction of connective knowledge, it is often difficult to achieve recognition of the skills, competencies and learning developed in informal contexts.

In this line of thought, a badging system - supported by Mozilla Open Badges technology - was integrated into SAPO Campus in order to support the natural interaction and assessment processes occurring within and beyond classroom walls. Opposing the basic principles of the SAPO Campus platform, badges are often used from a top-bottom perspective.
The research presented in this paper aims to break with that traditional approach through the promotion of two main concepts: user-generated badges and peer-support for badge attribution. This paper will introduce the aforementioned concepts, assessing the potential of the use of badges in the promotion of a truly participatory learning community. Some details of on-going research work will also be presented, including some preliminary data of the first weeks of use of the badging system, suggesting that, even without guidance and despite being launched in a very late and very busy phase of the school year, the system and its main features were used and explored by the SAPO Campus users.
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