Thu 14th November 2013 - 12:23

Developing PLEs to support work practice based learning

The paper describes research and development of a mobile, work-based Personal Learning Environment being piloted in the construction and health sectors. It examines a number of critical issues, particularly: the nature of learning and the application of knowledge in the workplace, interactions with physical artefacts, and the way new knowledge is developed and shared within and between organisations. 

A mobile PLE needs to support the different dimensions of know-what, know-how, and knowwhy and to enable skilled workers and learners to make informed choices between different possible ways of carrying out work tasks. Given the importance of domain knowledge, of communities of practice and of the holistic learning environment, codesign processes have to be developed involving multiple stakeholders including SME managers, trainers and end users.
Instead of seeing mobile devices as containers for learning, the PLE is viewed as an active work and learning tool within a changing work environment. The aim is to develop PLEs which are embedded in the practice of both learning and working, which can bring together informal and formal learning and which can facilitate the development and transfer of knowledge, learning and innovation between different contexts and domains.
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