Wed 2nd October 2013 - 12:08

Making long-term memories in minutes: a spaced learning pattern from memory research in education

This paper reports on a learning method, Spaced Learning, that has been shown to be very effecitive  helping students acquire lont-term memory for high-stakes testing in minutes, not months.  It is also supported by a guide for teachers. Spaced Learning is also mentioned in eLearning issue 30, reporting on the work of Dr Paul Kelley, the author.  ICT has allowed this method to go to many different countries and schools already.

The method Spaced Learning was created, tested and then shared through this innovative ICT resource, and the associated paper (link given in the summary above).  For any school or other organization, Spaced Learning offers a powerful new method of creating long-term memories that takes far less time than other methods.  The approach has been used with students of many different ages, and in many different countries with success, though not all of these have been within Europe.  This approach to learning can be fun and interesting for all involved, but it does require work to make resources for learning.  For teachers of sport, it is quite similar in that it is like repetitions in sports training in its high energy bursts of concentration.  The Spaced Learning Guide itself gives a model for ICT-based staff training in a new method of teaching that can be deployed within any country in any language as it is under creative commons licence.

More information is available, including a version of the Guide in Italian and one in Chinese, at

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