Fri 11th October 2013 - 11:34

Moving through time and space - Learning history on the move

Mobile devices enable students and other non-professional historians to decode edificial remains, symbols etc. through giving access to additional information.

In other words, mobile devices enrich reality: They reveal the historical value of topographic places and surfaces. This article delivers ideas for inquiry- and design-based learning with mobile devices. The authors try to develop a concept for mobile learning in history lessons focusing the aspect of mobility to pass the borders of the school classroom for learning history outdoors. Mobile history learning is product oriented. Students create different and innovative forms of collaboratively generated products like geocaches or digital stories. These products help to initiate the discussion about history between peers but can also be seen as important elements of social participation and commitment when using social networks for historical learning. Furthermore mobile history learning lets students understand public debates on history, politics, culture, memory and identity.

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