Wed 19th February 2014 - 21:12

Peer Language Learning: Perspectives from blended, face-to-face and social media interactions

This publication gives an overview of peer language learning, from its creation and concepts, to its future in today’s world, implying new technologies such as social media.

Part I describes the concepts, principles and history of peer language learning (PLL), followed by a discussion around the expansion of PLL through social media, exposing the new dimensions which emerged with the evolution of the Internet and web 2.0.


Part II focuses on analysing 14 instances of naturally-occurring PLL adult interactions (corpus PEER). Both the concepts and phenomena discussed in Part I, and the analysis of PLL interactions of Part II feed into the recommendations, which constitute Part III. The current publication is of interest for: PLL pluri-linguals who could use the publication to integrate peer learning into their language learning, drawing from previous PLL experiences; for teachers and coordinators of language learning programs; and also for researchers.

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