Wed 8th May 2013 - 10:01

The AlphaMOOC: Building a Massive Open Online Course One Graduate Student at a Time

Traditionally, developing courses in higher education involves a single individual working to build materials that will be implemented by that individual. More rarely, groups work together to build course.

Interdisciplinary collaboration by teams of developers is often seen during online course creation, where teams generally consist of content experts, technologists, and instructional designers, and each takes on and persists in a single role. We propose a different model for team development of online MOOCs, one in which team members take on diverse roles. This approach was implemented in development of a Foundations of Science course, with 28 core team members, consisting of staff and graduate students. The engagement of experts in areas outside their immediate area of expertise allowed developers to take on the role of the novice, ensuring a MOOC that was approachable to learners of diverse abilities.

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