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7 social media websites for the classroom

Love it or hate it, social media permeate our lives. If you’re a school teacher, chances are that almost all of your students have a profile on at least one social website. And even though you might consider social media a source of distraction for your class, there are ways to harness that potential and use it to improve your students’ learning experience.

Here’s a list of 7 social media tools you can use in the classroom.

1) Edmodo

Created by the George Lucas foundation, Edmodo will give you total control over your digital classroom. It provides a safe and easy way for students to connect and collaborate, share content, and access assignments, grades and school notices. With Edmodo you can create groups, assign homework, schedule quizzes and manage progress.

2) Google for Education

With their unbelievable range of products, Google’s mission seems to be to transform every aspect of our lives; and education and learning make no exception. Google provides a safe way to set up online classes, add students, create assignments and review student work. Google for Education aims to provide everything a teacher/school/district might need for their online classroom – from functionalities to devices.

3) Facebook

Although Facebook is not a tool specifically designed for education, it can definitely play a role in the classroom. One of its main advantages is its overall popularity and familiar interface. With the right privacy settings teachers can use Facebook to set up a group for their class, share articles, documents and videos, and use questions and polls to educate and get opinions.

4) Twitter

If Twitter is a popular social media in your country, then this can be a fresh and easy tool to get your students involved in the classroom. Twitter is great for announcing upcoming due dates, coordinating assignments, and encouraging students to ask questions. Its flexibility and popularity allow for many creative ways to engage with students.

5) Skype in the Classroom

Gone are the days of Skype being simply a tool for staying in touch with your parents. Skype in the Classroom allows you to organise virtual field trips, invite guest speakers into your classroom and have Skype lessons. The tool also allows teachers from across the globe to exchange good practices and create joint projects for their students to work on.

6) TeacherTube

With TeacherTube you can use videos to present complex ideas in the classroom. This tool allows teachers to find vetted and trusted educational videos and create their own playlists according to their lessons. TeacherTube is more than just a video sharing tool; it allows teachers to communicate with their students and also share photos, audio and documents.

7) TED-Ed

TED-Ed is a project dedicated to teachers and trainers who are looking for a fast and powerful way to explain a difficult concept. It allows you to browse and create video lessons on a variety of subjects from literature to economics and collaborate with students through a number of communities and clubs. What makes TED-Ed particularly attractive to students is the professional animations, which is crucial in a video lesson.


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