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edX offers a series of courses on education technology

Do you have an idea of how to use technology to improve education? There are a multitude of possibilities, but developing that idea into a real product/programme that can be implemented with real students and teachers is not simple. Merging education with technology is a complex undertaking since it requires a strong knowledge of both fields, blending theoretical knowledge with technical practicalities. 


edX is offering a MOOC starting on 8 October 2014 called Design and Development of Educational Technology for anyone who wants to get a deeper understanding of this field. It is a practical course using project-based methods and culminating in a presentation of your new edtech product. 


The course takes place over six weeks:


  • Week 1 - the history of educational technologies and two theories on student-centred learning
  • Week 2 - what it means to learn and how education software developers are engaging learners more deeply
  • Week 3 - active learning and building non-cognitive skills
  • Week 4 - various forms and practices of collaborative/group learning
  • Week 5 - different types of assessment and how to tell if a specific technology is having the intended effects
  • Week 6 - design-based research, a methodology for research and design of educational innovations in which you create projects that embody the educational change you wish to study


This course is part of a series of MOOCs on edX on the theme of Education Technology. The other courses in the series are:


  • - Introduction to Game Design and Development (October 2014)
  • - Computer Games and Simulations for Investigation and Education (Q2 2015)
  • - Implementation and Evaluation of Educational Technology (Q3 2015)


Visit the course description for more information on the curriculum and the professors and to register. 

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