Wed 13th January 2016 - 11:13

5 innovations that transformed education (and one that hasn’t happened yet)

Teachers and learners are finding new ways to use modern technology in the field of education.

What are some of the innovations that changed the way we learn? What's the next big innovation?

1. First millennium BC – Alphabetization 

It made knowledge accessible and durable. 


2. 13th century - Optical lenses

... which led to eyeglasses, telescopes and microscopes.

optical lens

3. 1430s – Printing press

Gutenberg's invention made knowledge replicable and available to the masses.

printing press

4. 1858 - Distance education

The University of London was the first to offer degrees through correspondence courses.

distance education

5. 1960s – Internet

In 1993 it was made available to the public, enabling at once both mass and personal communications


2016/17 - What's next?

what's next?

The Open Education Challenge opens up a continuous call for proposal during the year 2016-2017. The startups that will be selected will experience during 14 weeks a unique immersion in European educative realities. The startups will embark in an ambitious tour of European capitals to get acquainted with different realities, meet education practitioners and experts from all fields and all cultures. Visit the website for more information – maybe your educational innovation will go down in history!


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