Wed 20th November 2013 - 09:44

MOOCs Scoreboard update: ONE country has almost 30% of Europe's MOOCs

Crunching the numbers


The Open Education Europa team has scoured the interwebs and crunched the numbers to come up with the latest edition of the European MOOCs Scoreboard. Every month, we track the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) offered by European higher education institutions. From September to October, the number of MOOCs grew by 11% globally. Guess what the growth was in Europe? 


Increase in MOOCs


The number of European MOOCs increased from 277 to 345, that is, 25%!


At the national level, Spain is leading the way with a whopping 94 MOOCs available. The UK follows, with a respectable offering of 65 MOOCs. Germany is not far behind at 59. In regards to subject matter, the most common subject areas are Science & Technology and Humanities.


Open Education Europa's Scoreboard is the first and only comparative measure of European MOOCs. We have done our best to hunt down and accurately record all of the available MOOCs not only on the Scoreboard, but also in the MOOC section of the portal. However, as a relatively new and unregulated sector, MOOCs are scattered across many different platforms, each with slightly varying definitions of what a MOOC is. If you manage to find a MOOC that got away, please let us know. We don’t offer any rewards but we will send you a big internet hug!


Now seems like as good a time as any to visit the European MOOC Scoreboard, doesn't it?

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