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OEE Tour: Connecting Education Pioneers across Europe

Imagine a European network of teachers that:

  • * shares good educational practices
  • * embraces fresh and innovative ideas
  • * proposes solutions for bringing educational innovation in classrooms
  • * discusses about future educational opportunities and challenges
  • * grows professionally while learning together




The team of Open Education Europa portal inaugurates a new initiative: the Open Education Europa Tour; Building the Open Network of European Education Pioneers via a series of open interactive workshops/webinars that will take place online or face to face in different parts of Europe. 


The philosophy behind this initiative is based on three basic pillars: Innovation, Openness and Inclusion. The vision of the European Education Pioneers Open Network is to connect teachers across Europe with the aim to showcase good learning and teaching practices, exchange innovative ideas, build a collaborative culture and work together for the future of European classrooms.


We believe that successful collaboration lies on inspiring teachers’ ideas and hands-on activities. For this reason our aim is to work together with teachers across Europe supporting educational innovation giving them equal opportunities for collaboration and professional development.




Check out below the OEE Tour programme for September and October 2015!


Ibiza, SP  (Online): 10 SEP 2015

Athens, GR  (F2F): 19 SEP 2015

London, UK  (F2F): 29 SEP 2015

Kavala, GR (F2F): 24 OCT 2015

- Timisoara, RO (Online): 26 OCT 2015

- Valletta, ML (F2F): 29 OCT 2015

If you are a teacher, you are welcome to join our Open network of European Education Pioneers.


Don’t miss the chance to have also a look at our open access online journal eLearning Papers which fosters stimulating research and practices in Education, Innovation and Technology. 


Stay tuned with all the OEE portal’s activities that aim to support the valuable work of every European Teacher!


- Celebration of the 2nd birthday of the OEE portal on September 25th!!


-Open Education Europa Webinar & Tweetchat on Educational Innovation on October 1st, at 18:30. Check the recording!!


If you are interested in co-organizing an Open Education Europa stop online or Face to Face workshop on European Educational Innovation please contact us.


Don't forget our motto: What makes technology works is a brilliant teacher. Graham Brown Martin


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