ICT4ALL: Interactive and Collaborative Teaching For Autonomous and Lifelong Learning

A team of teachers interested in disseminating ideas and good practices about the pedagogical applications of web 2.0 tools to other teachers who although interested on the subject, yet cannot find proper help on the field, created a platform hosted on Moodle and devise and run monthly courses for in-service teachers about the use of free on-line and web 2.0 tools in Environmental Education.

We are a small group of educators who share a vision for education that looks beyond standardized testing and rote learning and aims at integrating digital technologies into daily teaching practices in creative and purposeful ways.
Towards this goal we decided to establish a Virtual Learning Environment where we could deliver blended learning short-term courses (each course lasts about 3-5 weeks) addressed to in-service teachers working in K-12 education. The courses are offered for free, although there is a limit on the available places (usually 25-30) and an application/registration is needed. The overarching aim of all the courses offered is to guide and support teachers not only to learn how to use various Web 2.0 tools but most important how to effectively utilize them to enhance their teaching practice in a seamless and effortless way and achieve higher levels of students’ engagement and participation in the process.

Enhance Skills: 

The majority of the participants had small or no experience in using the moodle platform and the web 2.0 tools, and none in using them for educational purposes.

Improve Inclusion: 

The ICT4ALL aims to provide quality learning to teachers who cannot have easy access to similar courses that usually run by organizations in big cities and they demand physical presence and tuition fees.

ICT Education Tech: 

Use of ICT is at the core of our practice. As aforesaid, we use a Virtual Learning Environment (Moodle) to deliver our courses, while the topic of our courses is strongly connected with the use and integration of Web 2.0 tools in teaching.

Materials Shared: 

One of our main aims is to produce educational material that can be read and re-used from other teachers or students. There are two types of open educational material produced during each course. First, we create a step-by-step guide for each one of the Web 2.0 tools that we study in the course and make it openly available on a blog. Second, participants in our courses are strongly encouraged to share the products (presentations, animation, comics, etc.) of their work during the course on a collaborative blog that we set up specifically for this purpose.

Open Resources: 

We use the free open source software Moodle as both a Content Management System to host our website and as a Virtual Learning Environment to construct and deliver our courses. It is also worth mentioning that all the Web 2.0 tools that we use in our courses, though they are not open source, they are freely available.

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