Can new devices be a help to promote reading among youngsters?

For years young people have been told not to read and in particular not to read books as more interested in new devices- mobiles, game consolles, computers and tablets as distractors. Nowadays with the incoming presence of ebooks these devices can be instead a way to approach again the pleasure for reading and for reading books. Through the use of virtual classrooms to share contents and of course reading little selected pieces young people are more motivated to read and go on reading in particular with the organization of little public performances on the guise of storytelling - acting and moving on the stage - using their own mobiles to read! n this way too they carry with them the piece they read and are also motivated to spend some spare time on it ! Curiosity for what' s going on can promote an interest for the whole book and in this case for further reading!


If there would be some kind of donatination program for buying the ebook reader the total amount of reading young people would be much higher
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I think it's very important for young people to read - book, ebooks.... We should motivate any kind of reading
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