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The OEE eLearning Papers provide an international platform for researchers, projects, and policy developers to publish material on digital and innovative education. 

Funded by the European Commission, the papers will be peer reviewed, and once accepted published online rapidly, at no cost to contributors. 

We are particularly interested to receive contributions from people in international projects and early stage researchers. We are happy to receive submissions on any relevant topic, but in particular welcome papers covering:

  • Learner data: Learning analytics; Methods and strategies; Big data and analytics
  • Teaching technologies: Online courses; Social media; Learning apps; Organisational digital readiness
  • Innovative learning methods: Gamification; Project-based learning; Entrepreneurship; Digital storytelling; Flipped classrooms; Maker spaces; OER; Blended learning; Collaborative learning; Non-accredited, Informal learning and professional learning; Recognising and rewarding teaching
  • Quality assurance and accreditation: e-portfolios; Accreditation and certification; Validation
  • Recognition: ePortfolios; Digital assessments; Badges and certificates 
  • Policy: European policy; National policy; Organisational change

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Authors will enjoy:

  • High visibility of work through a European Commission funded portal
  • Special themed collections which connect and develop research in key areas
  • An Editorial Board of key researchers in Big Data
  • High quality and efficient peer review
  • Rapid publication once a paper is accepted

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