PELeCON 2013 - The 8th Plymouth Enhanced Learning Conference


Digital Learnscapes: Meeting Future Challenges. We live in a period of change and uncertainty. Many are bewildered by these changes and find it difficult to keep up, particularly in the education and training sectors. The ability to anticipate and prepare for change is the mark of innovative educators, as is the skill of harnessing new and emerging tools to promote good learning.


At Pelecon 13 we want to provide learning professionals with opportunities to explore, discover and discuss new approaches, new technologies and new ideas to enhance, enrich and extend their own professional practice. There will be particular emphasis this year on simulations and games, personal learning tools, new pedagogies and practices, learner and teacher voice, and digital literacies.


  • pedagogy
  • PLE (Personal Learning Environment)
  • ICT supporting learning and teaching
  • game-based learning (GBL)


Plymouth University

Event Date: 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013 - 23:00

Area Of Interest: 

  • elearning_label_higher_education
  • elearning_label_learning_and_society
  • elearning_label_schools
  • elearning_label_training_and_work