Innovations in education provide teachers with plenty of inspiring ideas, but how can teachers effectively implement these ideas in the classroom? The Edukata Learning Activity Design Toolkit sets out a step-by-step design process for teachers to effectively adapt new practices to suit their specific needs.


There is a constant stream of innovations in education, particularly in the technological realm. How can students benefit from Smartboards, flipped classrooms, wikis, or other groundbreaking tools and practices? What works in one classroom might not work in another. Teachers need to be able to draw on new ideas and design learning activities that work for their students in their specific context. 


Edukata is a toolkit for educators. It consists of a design methodology that has been empirically tested and shown to be effective. Learning activites designed using the Edukata process have been piloted in 17 European countries and in over 2000 classrooms. In the pilots Edukata was found to positively impact teaching, learning and attainment and to foster 21st century skills.


Edukata was first developed  within the Innovative Technologies for an Engaging Classroom (iTEC) project, co-funded by the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme. The design methodology was developed by the Learning Environments Research Group in Aalto University, Finland. The Edukata toolkit is available in PDF format and more information is available on the Edukata website


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