What role does technology play in promoting creativity and innovation? How is the world of learning changing, and how can technology help us change the world? Proposals are now being accepted for this year's Online Educa Berlin 2013, which will focus on these questions. 


Proposals are being accepted from now until June 3 for Online Educa Berlin 2013, to be held December 4-6 in Berlin. This year's event will encompass:

Creativity and Engagement                                              
Work and ‘Life-Wide’ Learning
Global Learning Redefining                                              
Formal Learning
Modern Problems: Smart Solutions                              
Learning Analytics
Chief Learning Officers, HR professionals, learning and talent development leaders are encouraged to send in their proposals, with practical strategies and solutions for the Business Educa's conference's themes. Video Educa is also accepting proposals, which should exemplify uses for video within education. 
Detailed information can be found at Online Educa's website.


Area Of Interest: 

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