Thu 23rd May 2013 - 11:21

Agriculture Competence

The AGRICOM project aims to establish the first Competence Model for the Agricultural Sector (ACM) in order to strengthen the transparency and comparability of VET opportunities at a European level.

AGRICOM (Transfer of the Water Competences Model to AGRIcultural COMpetences), a European Commission project, has as its goal to enhance the Vocational education and training situation by defining the skills and competences required for the different areas of work, workplaces and workers within the agricultural sector.

The first year of the project focuses on the transfer and adaptation of the WACOM competence model in the agricultural sector, which will be applied to irrigation and hydroponics based on the results of the first year. 
The AGRICOM competence model will be delivered in a first version at the end of the first year and optimised continuously during the entire lifetime of the project, spread in the AGRICOM online community and web portal and validated through pilot tests and continuous evaluation and optimization until the end of the project.
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