Thu 27th August 2015 - 23:00

Assessment of Transversal Skills

The Assessment of Transversal Skills 2020 (ATS2020) project proposes a comprehensive learning model to enhance lower secondary's student's transversal skills, within the diverse EU national curricula, including provision of teachers with modern approaches and innovative tools for the assessment of these skills.


The main outcomes of the project will be: 


  • A validated model for student learning and transversal skills assessment based on a framework for selected age-suitable transversal competences.
  • Location and/or embedding of these skills in national curricula.
  • Student-centered approaches for learning and assessment - with a focus on formative assessment.
  • Development and adaptation of scaffolding tools for innovative instruction and assessment.
  • Digital Environments and tools to tap technology affordances (e.g. ePortfolio, learning analytics, social networks, assessment rubrics). 
  • Over 1,000 teachers across Europe experienced in implementing the model. 
  • CPD programme ready for deployment beyond the pilot schools. 
  • Sound impact evaluation and subsequent policy recommendations at National and EU levels. 
  • Scalability and funding models for policy makers at regional, national and EU levels.
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