Thu 3rd October 2013 - 12:31

European Open Educational Resources Policy Project

The European Open Educational Resources Policy Project is an initiative that brings together a coalition of international experts to strengthen the implementation of open education policies across Europe. It will do so by developing a community of activists and advocates, producing policy materials, and connecting with policy makers.

The goal of the project is to support the adoption of Open Educational Resource (OER) policies in Europe. It aims to promote the best practices and high standards of the Creative Commons and OER communities within the educational sphere. The open principles could be applied to the education field by licensing all educational content (such as textbooks and other educational materials) that is being produced in Europe with public funding under a free license (CC BY or CC BYSA). 

The goal of the project is to support adoption of OER policies in Europe and European states by raising awareness of the OER model and demonstrating its advantages to governments, users and businesses. The initial phase of the project will run until April 2014 and will be based on three key activities:

  • 1. building a community of activists, in particular by bringing together CC affiliates and others in their networks involved in OER activities;
  • 2. creating content:­ a policy position and analyses to support it, as well as outreach and educational materials, in particular a handbook explaining the operation and benefits of open education; and
  • 3. establishing contact with policymakers and other key stakeholders through a series of targeted meetings and workshops.


The European OER Policy Project hopes to establish the Creative Commons and its European affiliates as key stakeholders in the open education policy debate. It will be present at key OER and education events in the coming year, starting with the OERde13 conference in September 2013. 


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