Tue 6th April 2004 - 23:00

eTandem Europa

It provides services on line for all foreign language learners regardless of place of residence, age or proficiency level:

The goal of this project is to introduce as many European citizens as possible to the opportunity of learning a foreign language with eTandem and to make it easy for these language learners to get started.

To this end, publicity campaigns in all European languages and countries are being initiated.

The services eTandem offers are:

-Free search for eTandem partners for all languages

-Help for learning with eTandem

-Tips for teachers on the Internet


Since 1994, over 30 universities, schools and other educational institutions have researched and successfully implemented eTandem learning opportunities in various European Union funded (LINGUA, ODL) research and development projects.

In addition, they have established the International Tandem Network and its services.

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