After I was leader in Community of Practices 2 in Smile project managed by European Schoolnet I decided to launch eTwinning project ICT4eTwinners . You can read more about SMILE project here .

In XXI Century Education and around the social web new Social Media King is Curation who is about adding value for humans because only they can do what no computer can possibly achieve . The Internet Curator’s role is to seek on the web information related to a specic domain,fillter them, select them, organise, share, present them in a unique mode. Nowadays when informatics and science developed spectacular and the use of new online technologies aren’t regarded like a avangardist movement new tools and apps Web 2.0 and social media can bring a new dimension and can reform education around the world because electronic communication helps teachers and students to learn from each other. These technologies can stimulate discussion, open gateway to knowledge, promoting creativity and innovation for effective lifelong learning . Teacher and also students should have an entitlement to safe internet access at all times. Pulling Piaget and Papert , the use of participatory media tools in education is typically geared towards, creating a more student centered, adaptive environnement where learners can contribute to the course material, formulate and express their own insights and opinion, construct their own understanding of material by connecting concepts, to personal experience or current events, and learn from one another in collaborative environments .Web 2.0 , social media and other digital and online technologies are powerful and interesting tools, which open up new opportunities for everyone and for this reason teachers must learn how to use it in a creative mode and integrate in their classroom with students . Subjects:Citizenship, Design and Technology, Economics, European Studies, History, History of Culture, Mathematics / Geometry, Religion, Social Studies / Sociology, SEN, Technology 
Languages :EN
Pupil's age:18 - 20
Tools to be used:Audio conference, Chat, e-mail, Forum, MP3, Other software (Powerpoint, video, pictures and drawings), Project Diary, Twinspace, Video conference, Virtual learning environment (communities, virtual classes, ...), Web publishing
Aims:Teachers discover why Curation is Social Media King who restart XXI Century Education and how curation tools open gateway through knowledge for educators and students worldwide . •Teachers will discover and explore the power of Web 2.0 tools and apps for education and learn how to use statup tools creativelly • Acquire skills for the XXI century , new tehnologies can stimulate discussion, open gatewaythrough knowledge, promote creativity and innovation for effective learning. •Learn to communicate and work collaboratively 
Work process:Activities in school year 2012-2013 Octomber - we launch the project on eTwinning and we invite new parteners to join ICT4eTwinners .Founders of the project will make a blog , a wikispaces where all the parteners will be invited to join . Founders will make for sharing a group on and on pinterest. November - Let's present ourselves , our schools , studens and activities . In this mounth we will discuss and share our favorite tools and apps to make presentations and every teacher involved in this project must share minimum a presentation using a favorite tool December - Let’s celebrate together with our students the Birth of Son of God, Christmas and New Year using Glogster EDU Every partener must make a GlogsterEDU , interactive poster with school activities in December and if a partener want he can make also a GlogsterEDU students portofolio . January - Buildining a Powerful PLN ( Passionate Learning Network ) in XXI Century Education . We discuss about new edtools and apps for online collaboration . February - Sharing is caring .We discuss about startup curation tools and apps who will make you a Social Media Curator Teacher . Mars - Google in education . Let’s find and discuss about our favorite google tools and apps and the best way to integrate in our classroom . April - Let’s collaborate , discuss and share in the cloud . We will discuss about our favorites apps to collaborate in the cloud like evernote, box, dropbox,fetchnotes, box and also what are the best way to integrate in the classroom . May - mindmapping and brainstorming in XXI Century Education . Every partener must make a mindmap using a favorite app or tool June - Every partener must make a video using different tools or apps entitled ,, connected learner and social media curator in XXI Century Education hide

Expected results:The final product will be a eTwinning twinspace, a public blog and wikispaces with the work of all the project partenrs, a collection of social media good practices and social media startup tools shared on our groups on and pinterest . Teachers can use relevant sites and share their ideas and teaching modules, in Facebook, Twitter and GlogsterEDU . We want also to oraganize on twitter #ict4etchat for eTwinners

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