Wed 9th October 2013 - 15:15

Innovative Methods for Award procedures ICT Learning Europe (IMAILE)

The IMAILE project arose from a perceived demand for personalized learning, especially in STEM subjects. New technology and innovative solutions are needed to meet this demand, and IMAILE will use a pre-commercial procurement (PCP) method to stimulate research and innovation. 

Public procurers in four countries are using the PCP process to drive innovation and cooperation within the European ICT industry. The PCP process benefits both users and suppliers. Users get a solution that is developed and evaluated according to their needs, and suppliers get a solution that has been developed to the point of pilot testing, thereby increasing their potential for successful commercialization.


The project anticipates that the proposed solutions will support teachers and students by providing more individualized learning methods, despite an increased number of students in each classroom. In the long term, the project will encourage the innovative use of new technologies to address learning challenges. It will also promote mutually beneficial public-private partnerships.


IMAILE is coordinated by the city of Halmstad, Sweden, and is funded by the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) in cooperation with partners from Sweden, Spain, Germany, Finland, Hungary, and Portugal. 

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