“INTOUCH - Labour Market in Touch: new non-routine skills via mobile game-based learning” is a Project funded by Leonardo da Vinci Multilateral projects for Development of Innovation Program, with the main goal to enable new generations of workers from business services SMEs to develop their crucial non-routine skills via mobile Learning.

INTOUCH will bring mobile learning into SMEs everyday learning settings and improve interaction and collaboration, providing SMEs employees with key skills they need to answer to labour market requests and to deal with the transformations taking place in the economy. INTOUCH next available services:BECOME COMPETITIVE. THE M-LEARNING KIT

An Open learning environment with much greater interest for adults - because of the extensive use of working scenarios and of dynamic interactive games for mobile phones. 30 games for mobile phones will teach to adult workers how to promptly answer to non routine situations at work.E-HOW FOR COOPERATIVE LEARNINGAn online community and a wiki for sharing ideas on how to use skills for personal and organisational benefits among SMEs employees.SCENARIOS AND GUIDELINES Scenarios and guidelines on how mobile technologies can be used for teaching, learning and empowering within SMEs, making VET professionals and SMEs consultants able to effectively empower transversal key competencies via the intensive use of m-Learning, to create open mobile didactical environments,

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