Wed 13th November 2013 - 09:37

iSIMPLY: innovative social media pedagogy learning pathways

iSIMPLY is an innovative learning model that aims to provide a platform for interaction between social media marketing professionals. Knowledge from their interactions will be extracted and used to create learning materials

iSIMPLY creates an innovative social media collaborative learning model and associated e-environment where the use of social media tools will enable social media marketing professionals to interact. Meanwhile, the system extracts knowledge from this interaction which will later be structured and reused as training content, in an effort to help the new wave of social media marketers understand the potential of social media as a direct marketing tool. Thus, apart from introducing innovation in using advanced knowledge representation, discovery and extraction tools from user generated content in social media applications for the purposes of feeding e-training services, iSIMPLY will enable the acquisition of social media marketing skills.

Upon the project’s completion, the social media learning model and integrated e-environment will be valuable assets for social media marketing specialists to understand, reach and communicate with consumers in online social communities. At the same time, it will provide best practice cases for advancing existing learning and training processes.

More concretely, the project objectives are as follows:

  • To define a social media learning model that will be drawn from experiences in formal learning, and the investigation on the user requirements for social media marketing. This model will define how the different target groups will interact with the system through different scenarios.
  • To establish a virtual online learning community that will adopt the social media collaborative model
  • To create a methodology for innovative content creation that will be based on the needs of the different target groups, which are all focused on social media marketing
  • To define and create taxonomies and ontologies for tagging and domain knowledge representation as well as algorithms for knowledge discovery and extraction (semantic analysis of textual content, text mining, opinion mining, reasoning, etc.)
  • To create training content for the target groups (current traditional marketing professionals, marketing students HEI/VET, who wish to learn how to become online marketing professionals) and distribute it to relevant stakeholders
  • To develop a methodology integrating pedagogy, social learning model, ICT and social media tools for the innovative creation of (re-usable) training content
  • To validate both informal and formal learning within the system through pilots with the participation of the targeted user groups
  • To allow reusability of the model and methodology into other sectors
  • To raise awareness and reach as many European TG members as possible through strategic dissemination activities
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