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MOOCKnowledge project

The MOOCKnowledge project is trying to establish a knowledge-base about experiences from participants of European Massive Open Online Courses. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) constitute one of the most discussed trends in Open Education in postsecondary education institutions. The emergence of the MOOC phenomena has challenged traditional institutional strategies and recognition schemes.

The MOOCKnowledge project aims to develop a knowledge base with a European view on MOOCs through continuous and systematic collection and analysis of data on existing MOOC initiatives to advance scientific understanding of this new phenomenon.


Currently, there is some literature on the evolution of the supply side of the MOOC phenomena at a European level, but very little the demand side (students). MOOCKnowledge focuses on the collection of new data on the demand side of some of the MOOCS offered by European institutions.


The project consists of a series of surveys (in different time periods) of the students of all the MOOCs offered by the OpenUpEdu partners that cover the following issues:

  • Characteristics of the European MOOCs students (socio-economic, educational trajectory, labour profile, ICT profile…)
  • Learner participation in MOOCs
  • Why learners take MOOCs
  • Perceptions of the learning experience
  • Country or regional distribution of MOOCs participants
  • Completion rates
  • Certification preferences


The MOOCKnowledge Project has been outsourced to a network of three universities (OUNL, UPM and UOC) under the supervision and management of the OpenUpEdu research team.

This is an initiative of the Open University of the Netherlands in cooperation with the Open University of Catalonia, the Technical University of Madrid and the Institute of Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS, Joint Research Centre by the European Commission).


Project Leader: Yves Punie
Project team: Jonatan Castaño Muñoz, Andreia Inamorato dos Santos

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