Fri 13th March 2015 - 18:51

OER uptake in adult education institutions

The OERup! project takes up the need to promote and foster the successful implementation of OER (Open Educational Resources) and OEPs (Open Educational Practices) in adult education in Europe in order to widen participation in Open Education.

The main aims of this initiative is to:
  • IDENTIFY the status quo of OER use in Adult Education Institutions (AEIs);
  • RAISE awareness around the value of OER & OEP;
  • CREATE a quality framework of OER & OEP;
  • IMPROVE digital skills of educational professionals & set in motion a new culture of Open Education; and
  • SUPPORT AEIs in developing and implementing sustainable OEPs.

The project will aim to address decision makers, educational professionals of AEIs, as well as policy makers with the following objectives:

  • To improve digital competences and skills in AEIs to ensure inclusive approaches to OER;
  • To foster quality improvements in education and a more modern and innovative environment in AEIs;
  • To help AEIs successfully integrate OER into their business model;
  • To provide AEIs with access to information, advice and guidance, and good practice around OER by sharing experiences with AEIs and stakeholders in other European countries.
An online platform will provide practitioners with a training package of blended-learning and materials on the topic of OER, developed by five established European partners, in order to support AEIs across Europe, their management, staff and teachers.
A website and a Google+ community will also help to share OEP experiences as well as provide all practitioners with a quality framework and a status quo analysis of European regions, all of which will be developed throughout the lifetime of the project.
Our intention is to bring together as many players as possible on this issue – not only education providers, teachers, colleges and universities but also relevant policy makers.
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