Fri 6th December 2013 - 22:34

TACCLE2 - Guides to integrating ICT and e-learning in your classroom

The key output of the first TACCLE project was a handbook for teachers wanting to introduce e-learning into their practice. The handbook was accompanied by a series of training events. Both the book and the course were rated highly by teachers, but the feedback was that there were still ‘gaps’ that needed to be filled.

The gaps

Firstly, although teachers across the subject range said they found the both the courses and the handbook useful for developing generic technical skills there were many who still found difficulty in translating that into specific learning activities within their subject area or sector.

Secondly, although many teachers, as a result of reading the handbook or attending the courses, now feel confident about designing learning objects or using web 2.0 applications, they are less confident about engaging pupils in producing and publishing their own. TACCLE 2 addresses these issues by providing a series of 5 supplementary handbooks (in Dutch, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Romanian) written in the same style as the original, around specific subjects.

TACCLE 2 for teachers will provide:
  • 5 step-by-step guides to integrating ICT and e-learning in your classroom, each for different subjects.
  • Practical materials and ideas customised for YOUR subject area and pupil age range.
  • Complementary training courses based on the handbook.
  • Access to web based materials for e-learning.
  • Opportunities to join a network of like-minded colleagues across Europe.
  • A chance to join in and influence the work of the project as it develops.
  • Free download of the popular E-learning Handbook for Classroom Teachers produced by the Taccle 1 project.
  • Signposts to other banks of open educational resources for your subject.
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