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Play4Guidance online business game


The Play4Guidance (P4G) Business Game is a free online resource open to all. It is hosted on the play4guidance educational platform and has been designed to test, train and guide students and those unemployed on enhancing entrepreneurial skills.

Play4guidance business game is the result of a cooperative activity, partially funded by the Erasmus+ KA2 strategic partnerships program.

The project is lead by Fondazione Politecnico di Milano (Italy) with the participation of 7 partners from Greece, Turkey, Ireland, Germany, Bulgaria and Italy. Development started in 2014. The outcome is a training system based on an online business game available for everybody.

The core of the system is a complex online business game model that simulates the experience of managing a t-shirt company for 12 months in a dynamic market. At the end of each match, the player obtains two results: the score that decides the winner and the assessment. All games played are stored in the history page of the players.

The game has been tested with stakeholders and the direct target group for over 2 years. It has shown to have big potential with many of the schools and professors involved adopting P4G in their courses.

After taking part in P4G participants are expected to understand what managing a business means and what skills are needed. By taking part in P4G participants will develop:

  • Basic business economic skills: e.g. how to manage workers, supplies and sales etc.
  • Basic mathematic skills: participants will have to practice and improve basic maths skills to support management thinking.
  • Problem solving skills: P4G works on high level skills such as data analysis and critical thinking.
  • Leadership skills: participants will understand and be more aware of what it is like working and taking group decisions under stress given by the simulated competition between teams. Team work will help participants work on leadership skills by listening and considering everyone’s opinion, being assertive, persuasive, motivating and accepting responsibilities for mistakes and wrong decisions.

In addition, P4G helps increase digital competences. Whilst playing participants are able to use the internet and social networks to collect, organise and share knowledge. These actions help participants to understand that the internet goes beyond entertainment, and fully consistent with the EC key competences in EU: opening doors for lifelong learners. A confident and critical use of ICT is possible in order to ‘retrieve, assess, store, produce, present and exchange information, and to communicate and participate in collaborative networks via the Internet’.

P4G can be used by both single players and trainers in their classes and is supported by clear tutorials and documentation (toolkit) to utilise the platform in the best way, based on specific didactical aims. The online system also supports the automatic assessment tool that gives a feedback on the real use of the competences played during the game. It’s important to point out that the business game doesn’t pretend to assess the competences in a general way, but in terms of performance. Therefore players can work on and notice improvements. The business game allow players to adopt many different strategies during the competition. Their capacity to obtain good (winning) scores of the value of the company and of the entrepreneurial competences assessed is a potential support for any stakeholder’s evaluation.

Additional resources, available from the toolkit, enhance the didactical results of the game, both if you are a player or a trainer/teacher.

Some basic spreadsheet skills are very useful and recommended (such as realising tables, using basic mathematical functions, graphs). Tutorials, realised by informatics university professors, will be put at players’ disposal before playing.

The game and most of the resources are available in English, Italian, Bulgarian, Greek, Turkish.

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