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About me:
Katerina Zourou, Ph.D., conducts Research and Development activities in the field of technology enhanced language learning, with emphasis on open and social technologies. She is the Director of Web2Learn (http://web2learn.eu) , Thessaloniki, Greece. Her publications are openly accessible in Google Scholar. Katerina is the initiator and project leader of several European projects, such as "Language learning and social media" (LS6, 2010-2012), "Improving Internet strategies and maximizing social media presence of LLP projects" (Web2LLP, 2012-2013), “Teaching and learning of less used languages through Open Educational Resources and Practices” (LangOER, 2014-2016). She is also member of “Exploring OER re-use in learning ecosystems” (ExplOERer, 2014-2016), “digital literacy for the teaching/learning of languages (Elang, 2016-2018), "Massive Open Online courses eNhancing LInguistic and Transversal skills for social inclusion and Employability" (MOONLITE, 2016-2019).
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