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<p>Markku Markkula works within Aalto University as the Advisor to Aalto Presidents, focusing on European Union strategy affairs. His previous university assignments comprised being the member of Aalto University Transformation Team (2008-2009) and the Director of the Centre for Continuing Education (1985-1991) and the Lifelong Learning Institute Dipoli (1992-1995, 2003-2008) of the Helsinki University of Technology (TKK).</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Mr. Markku Markkula is a member of the EU Committee of the Regions, CoR. He is the Chair of the EPP/CoR Task Force on Europe 2020. His CoR role includes being the Rapporteur on opinions such as “Digital Agenda for Europe”, “the Role of Local and Regional Authorities in Achieving the Objectives of the Europe 2020 Strategy “, “Horizon 2020”, “Better Governance for the Single Market” and “Closing the Innovation Divide”.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Mr. Markkula is a former member of the Finnish Parliament (1995-2003) with the membership roles in the Committee for Education, Science and Culture and the Committee for the Future. As an MP his international role included the Presidency of EPTA Council, European Parliamentary Technology Assessment Network. He has served the global engineering community as the part-time Secretary General of the International Association for Continuing Engineering Education IACEE 1989-2001.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>In Finland his role has included memberships in the boards of several companies and other organizations, among others Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation and Technology.&nbsp; He has also served Finnish society as the Chairman of the Espoo City Council (1990-1992, 2010) and the Espoo City Planning Board (2004-2013), as well as the Chairman of the boards of the Finnish Association of Graduate Engineers TEK (1993-2005) and the Finnish Information Society Development Centre TIEKE (2000-2011).</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>On international arenas his experience also includes memberships of several High Level Expert Groups. He is a member of the EU Smart Specialisation Mirror Group. He has been awarded the European Society for Engineering Education SEFI Fellow 1995. As a tribute to his achievements he was in 2008 elected to the International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame.</p><p>&nbsp;</p>
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