Olufemi Olubodun

About me:
<P>I am a team player, self-motivated and avowed believer in collaboration for mitigating challenges. Core skills include the use of Internet media and technologies for teaching and learning, research, writing and editing textual and multimedia materials. I teach dental lab technology and education courses such as online facilitation, course development etc. I design courses for online environment using learning management systems like Fronter, Moodle etc. I am driven by the amazing possibilities 21st century technology provides for exploring and mitigating the present day challenges in education and day to day social life. I am an alumnus of University of Cape Town, South Africa, Agder University College Norway, Lagos State University Ojo Lagos Nigeria, Global Virtual University Japan and I hold postgraduate degrees in the following areas: Online tutoring, Course development, ICTS in education, and Educational Technology. I am an Instructor at the University of Lagos, Lagos. Nigeria. Research interest includes the use of internet tools and media for online vocational education training, curriculum development, and instructional design for vocational education training.</P> <P>&nbsp;</P>
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