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<p>Tapio Koskinen is a Head of R&amp;D, responsible for the concept development for new products and services offered by the Lifelong Institute Dipoli. Since 1995 he has been participating in the work of several European R&amp;D and training projects as a project manager, researcher or a management team member. During 1998-2001 he worked as a Distance Learning Expert at the Valencia Technical University. His recent works include NoE Prolearn roadmapping (FP6) and Time2Learn roadmapping (FP5). As an eLearning Consultant he has been working with several organizations (e.g. Hewlett Packard, Hellenic Open University, MoE Bahrain, and UNESCO). During 2000-02 he was managing the national eLearning cluster development programme in Finland. Mr. Koskinen has been the chairman of IACEE (International Association for Continuing Engineering Education) , Working Group for New Learning Technologies and secretary to the SEFI (European Society for Engineering Education) Working Group for Continuing Engineering Education. Currently he is Member of the Board of Directors in the MENON Network EEIG and Executive Committee Member of European Distance and e-Learning Network – EDEN.</p><div class="el_publications"><div class="el_publications_title">Publications</div><ul><li>Straub., Koskinen (Eds) “Painting the Potential – Working Life Education and Development Services Offered by the Finnish Innovation University” (2008)</li><li>Kamtsiou, Koskinen, Naeve, Pappa, Stergioulas. ”A Glimpse at the Future of Technology Enhanced-Professional Learning: Trends, scenarios and visions” article published in “European Networking and Learning for the Future. The EuroPACE Approach”. Eds Annemie Boonen, Wim Van Petegem. 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