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About me:
Yishay is a <a href="http://www.yishaymor.org/">consultant in learning, design, research and technology</a>, and the <a href="http://paueducation.com/en/content/yishay-mor">Educational Design Scientist at PAU Education</a>. He is the editor in chief of <a href="http://www.openeducationeuropa.eu/en/elearning_papers">eLearning Papers</a>. <p> His main areas of expertise are Learning Design, Educational Design Research, and teacher professional development - which are combined in his work on Design Inquiry of Learning and the <a href="http://www.yishaymor.org/lds">Learning Design Studio</a>. Yishay has also explored the new possibilities opened up by social and mobile technologies for learning, and specifically the potential these have in developing contexts. In recent years, Dr. Mor has established himself as an expert on Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs). He led the <a href="http://www.olds.ac.uk/">Open Learning Design Studio MOOC</a>, acted as advisor to several other MOOCs, and guest edited a special issue of eLearning papers on "MOOCs and beyond". At PAU Education, he designed and led the incubator programme of <a href="http://openeducationchallenge.eu/">the Open Education Challenge</a>. <p>Previously, Dr. Mor was a Senior Lecturer in Educational Technology at the Institute of Educational Technology, The Open University UK. Teaching fellow at the Technologies in Education Graduate Programme, the Faculty of Education, University of Haifa. Senior research fellow, the London Knowledge Lab. Senior software engineer, Cisco systems. Owner, J Shop. Senior software engineer, AgentSoft.
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