Sat 9th September 2017 - 13:17

Add Culture to your Courses

Use the 54 million digital artifacts of Europeana, available online, and learn how to include them in your online courses.

In preparation for the European Year of Cultural Heritage (2018) and in cooperation with Europeana, now offers a simple integration of 54 million digital artifacts.

Many people talk about technology that is not here yet or it is not yet available. The hype around artificial intelligence is spreading across countries and continents as the most powerful tech tool that can be used inside a classroom. We at Eliademy respectfully disagree with this marketing practice, pioneered by Steve Jobs, on selling the dreams of tomorrow now. Instead, we believe that human intelligence is represented in our culture and art and that is something that has not been used extensively in the classroom. 

Together with Europeana, we concluded that we need to bring to your attention this simple, low-tech option to make your courses more powerful and inspiring, by simply adding culture to them. We also concluded that such cooperation between organisations will help other e-learning companies to understand the benefits of art in teaching. 

Read the official press release.

Joint press release between Europeana and

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