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Case study for Transmedia: Towards the future classroom

OEE interviewed Josep Blasco and asked him to share more details about his work on the Communication and Education by Transmedia project.
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Social Media Toolkit: a practical guide to achieving benefits and managing risks

A toolkit to help universities make the most of social media in all aspects of university business. The toolkit covers topics such as: Benefits Risks Strategy and policy Choosing tools Legal issues...
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Partnership Model for Entrepreneurial Innovation in Open Online Learning

Globalisation and increased competition nationally and internationally for students points towards the need for increasingly flexible learning routes, but these must also be sustainable and cost...
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Welcome to the new and improved OEE!

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iSIMPLY: innovative social media pedagogy learning pathways

iSIMPLY is an innovative learning model that aims to provide a platform for interaction between social media marketing professionals. Knowledge from their interactions will be extracted and used to...
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