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Open Education and the Role of Teachers in the Digital Era

During the “HOME: MOOCs the European way” conference in Porto on November 27-28, we recorded several stimulating ideas and insightful comments from prominent figures of Open Education in Europe and beyond. Check them out here:

Larry Cooperman, President of the Open Education Consortium, Associate Dean UC Irvine explains the opportunities of digital and open education for educators, teachers and university faculty.



Larry goes on to argue in favor of scale in Education & the role of Communities; Open Education and MOOCs institutional and European policy recommendations for Europe.


Airina Volungeviciene, Vice President of the European Distance and E-learning Network

(EDEN) and Director of Innovative Studies Institute at VMU, explains how educational institutions (universities, schools etc.) should use responsively and responsibly technology-enhanced learning to improve the quality of teaching and learning practices.


Rosanna de Rosa, EMMA Project Coordinator, Professor at University of Naples Federico II, proposes the empowerment of educators so as to embrace their new role in the era of digital education by linking research and teaching, initiating a social investment and by involving them early in the development of technology.



Mark Brown, Director of the National Institute for Digital Learning, Professor at Dublin City University links open education and distance learning to UNESCO pillars of learning (learning to be, learning to do, learning to know, learning to live together) and proposes a fifth dimension: learning to change and transform.


Claudine Mühlstein-Joliette, MOOC Pedagogic Architect, Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3 stresses the importance of eCompetences demonstrated through e-Portfolios.





Let’s keep this open, sharing spirit and continue our discussion! The online debate hasn’t finished yet. 2 days are left for the day of the “Education in the Digital Era” conference. You still have time to add your voice! The future of Education in Europe is really an important issue for all of us.


We are looking forward to your contributions!!


You can join the online pre-conference discussion in many ways:


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We will be back tomorrow with a new blog post in order to share with you the suggested results of the online discussion on "educators’ impact" that will be used as input during the conference!




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