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Transversal key competences for lifelong learning: Training teachers in competence-based education

The project aims to have a positive impact on the development of students’ key competencies through building teachers capacity on competence-oriented education. 

A pilot teachers training methodology will be developed on the didactics and e-assessment of key transversal competences, which could be adopted by interested stakeholders promoting educational change. The methods of the project are founded on a holistic view of student learning, personal and social development, going beyond subject boundaries and finding application in a wide spectrum of curriculum subjects. The TRANSIt approach aims to contribute to the development of creativity, adaptation to the rapidly changing circumstances, intercultural and multilingual competences, social development, “learning to learn” competences and an improved perception of one’s own capacity to solve problems.

TRANSIt aims to improve:

  1. teachers’ awareness of key competences, and; 
  2. teachers’ professional skills regarding the didactics and e-assessment of the key competences with the use of ePortfolios, supporting them to bring European and national policies into practice. Through a series of demonstrations of best practices the TRANSIt will try to raise the participating teachers’ awareness on how they can benefit from developing their own competences and organising/assessing learning resources in eportfolios, as well as how to exchange resources and competence driven strategies with other teachers around Europe.


  • To perform teachers’ needs analysis in order to identify the obstacles in the process of introducing new approaches in teaching practice and to identify enablers that will effectively support such interventions. This process will feed the development of the training methodology. Communities of key stakeholders will be mobilised to support this process.
  • To develop an innovative teachers training framework that will improve: a) teachers’ awareness of key competences and b) teachers’ professional skills regarding the didactics and e-assessment of the key competences. The training framework will include training on the methodological approaches on how teachers can effectively teach while enhancing students’ competences. Additional modules aiming to operationalise innovative approaches will be developed and tested in the framework of the project. The modular approach of the training methodology will allow (in parallel with the systematic mapping of needs) the localisation of the approach.
  • To develop a training programme that will be validated through extended cycles of school - centred work. Teachers will give feedback about their experiences gained in the classroom during the implementation of the proposed activities.
  • Τo raise the awareness of the administrative staff in order to support teachers in bridging the gap between policy and every day implementation of key competences.
  • To develop a community of practice that will facilitate the sustainability of the project and its results. Dissemination of the findings and outcomes of the project will be made widely in the educational, and policy-making communities in Europe.
  • To develop a systematic evaluation methodology in order to identify the impact of the proposed approach in terms of the effectiveness and efficiency of the training process. The project will be implemented in schools, training centers and universities in different countries providing thus ways for intercultural dialogue.
  • To constitute a set of guidelines and recommendations in the didactics and assessment of competence driven education.

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